By Abby Hayes Repainting a room is a quick way to freshen up your home, but at $30 a gallon, premium paint is no picnic -– especially considering that a mid-sized bedroom could require two to three gallons. If you’re ready for a new look, but don’t have a lot of money to splurge, these […]

By Abby Hayes Like it or not, winter is coming. You may not want to think about ice and snow just yet, but now is the time to prepare your home for the cold. A few minor home improvements could save you hundreds of dollars in the coming chilly months. Luckily, many essential home improvements are […]

Revitalize a tired wooden floor with a paint or stain in an unexpected color Read more at –

Mortgage rates were unchanged today, the the underlying mortgage-backed-securities (MBS) market was volatile.  MBS have the most direct effect on mortgage rates of any financial instrument and they tend to move in concert with US Treasuries.  When MBS prices move quickly during the day, lenders can recall previous rate sheets and publish new ones (referred […]

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Daily Real Estate News | Monday, October 07, 2013 After buyers move in to their new home, they should be prepared for some home fixes to present themselves each season, says Rich Escallier, a handyman in Chicago. “If you can go six months without finding something that raises your…

Most home sellers are eager to garner the highest possible price when they put their home on the market. To maximize profits, your home must be in the best possible condition so that buyers compare it favorably to a model home. At the same time, you should minimize the amount of cash you spend. A…